Cittą dei Mille Fanfare

The Cittą dei Mille Fanfare, a brass band, was formed in 1971 as an answer to the urging of the Association Combattentistiche e d’Arma of Bergamo and the will of a group of musicians. The band which was formed then has grown into a musical group which ,today, is known not only in Italy but many parts of the world.

The name, ”Fanfara Cittą dei Mille”, was chosen in memory of a famous event of the Risorgimento. In fact, Bergamo is called “Cittą dei Mille”(city of the thousand) because it sent the largest group of volunteers with Garibaldi during his military expedition to Sicily in 1860-61.

For this reason it was natural that the band chose the historic uniform of the “garibaldini”: red jacket, blue/grey trousers and caps.

Master Luigi Falchetti was called upon to direct the band. Oliviero Cossali, Adriano Varishetti and Danilo Beiotti succeded him. The present director, Maurizio Bazzana, can count on a group of 40 elements, mostly young men and women who imitate the spirit of sacrifice which the older generation transmitted. This dedication is appreciated and applauded during the concerts and parades.

The group has participated in numerous concerts and manifestations in all the major cities of Italy and in many foreign countries. They have been protagonists in Geneva, Neuchatel, Orleans, Nice, Vienna, Castellon de la Pana, Figueras, Mannheim, Landshut, Branson, Missouri(USA), and Syzran(Russia).